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How do I export all pages below a page in confluence using. On try to export page from history as PDF Confluence gives current version. How I reproduced: 1) created new page 2) edited content 3) opened Info->View page history and clicked on first version of document 4) Clickin on 'export page to pdf' gives current version (but not selected), Confluence provides a basic PDF export that you can customize and style to suit your needs. You need Space Admin permissions to customize PDF exports in a space, and Confluence Administrator global permissions to customize PDF exports for the whole site..

Add Page Breaks to PDF Exports Confluence Support

Confluence Help Add Page Numbers to a PDF Export. 28/11/2012В В· Tag Archives: pdf documentation confluence Adding a Header and Footer to a PDF in Confluence. Posted on November 28, 2012 by brucedmichelsen. 17. For my purposes, I wanted the same header and footer to appear in PDFs for both single page PDFs and space PDFs. My PDF Space Export Title Page Settings